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Optimal knee joint stability and correct muscle activation patterns within specific kinetic chains are essential to injury prevention and sports performance optimization. Senstension can be used to determine functional knee stability during sport specific movement patterns and under different loads, all under realistic conditions. In addition, individual muscles and tendons can be analysed for their ability to generate peak power or sustain peak power at the right moment during kinetic chain activation. This information will allow trainers and coaches to adapt training programs to the specific needs of individual muscles within the kinetic chain in order to improve the athlete’s technique and performance, and prevent injury. For example, Senstension’s ability to simultaneously measure 4 muscles, allows for the knee flexors and extensors activation to be assessed during vertical jumps and more specifically during the take off and landing phases, during which correct synchronization of the knee extension agonists and antagonists is essential in preventing injury and maximizing jump height. Evenmore, in field sports, such as football, basketball, rugby etc… it is essential that athletes develop symmetry in their sprinting abilities and can generate equal power when changing directions over short sprint distances. By using Senstension on selected muscles that are important to sprinting abilities, these symmetries can be investigated and acted on appropriately, thereby improving sprint performance and reducing injury risk. Back to applications>>>