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In order to provide optimal joint stability and avoid internal derangement and structural stresses that lead to pain and muscle inhibition, it is essential that muscles around the knee joint work in unison. The challenge in rehabilitation is to teach patients how to correctly and optimally activate and sustain muscle contraction during various movements and loads. Senstension can be used to provide physiotherapists with important insights into the function of the various muscles around the knee joint. By comparing metrics from the healthy and affected knee joints, therapeutic goals can be accurately set and progress can be closely monitored. Furthermore, Senstension can be used as a biofeedback modality to instruct and train patients on how to properly activate knee stabilizing muscles in a variety of realistic conditions. Evernmoreso, Senstension can be used during ADL (activities of daily living) to obtain a better understanding of the mechanisms that lead to knee instability. Back to applications>>>