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Senstension technology enables you to, directly and in situ measure skeletal muscle and tendon tensions, completely non-invasively and selectively, during various types of muscle activity. The ultra-lightweight and durable Senstension pressure sensors easily attach to the skin above any superficial muscle you wish to assess. Its specially-developed sensor tip and strain gauge assembly is sensitive to any mechanical force change initiated by muscle contraction, transmitted through the skin above. Senstension technology thus helps provide important insights into muscle tension changes during dynamic or isometric muscle activity.

The Senstension sensor consists of a specially-developed sensor tip (1) and silicon piezoresistive strain gauge (2) integrated into a carbon fiber reinforced sensor mount (3). The Senstension sensor is attached to the skin surface (4) compressing subdermal layers (5) above a specific muscle (6) and allowing direct measurement of tension changes

Because of its compact size, minimal weight and ability to obtain data wirelessly, Senstension can be easily used in combination with other muscle contraction measuring methods or motion assessment systems, without disturbing the natural ability to move. Senstension is the ideal solution to assess muscle function and activity in a natural environment and out of laboratory settings.

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